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Now that Microsoft has purchased Perceptive Pixel, it has acquired what many believe to be the best in multi touch and pen interaction technology and intellectual property. The ubiquity of pen and multi-user, multi-touch computer interfaces in the future is definitely on the horizon this deal solidifies its importance. Looking back in a few years, this deal might be considered a mini-Singularity for human-computer interaction.

We are incredibly excited to be working together on our mutual passion to build technologies that enable people to collaborate and communicate,” Han said. “By joining Microsoft, we will be able to take advantage of the tremendous momentum of the Microsoft Office Division, tightly interoperate with its products, and deliver this technology to a very broad set of customers.”

Microsoft has, for a long time, been developing its own large format Custom Window Screen Guys touch hardware via its Surface tables (now under the name PixelSense). These efforts worked in conjunction with Samsung and never found the anticipated market returns. Now, with Windows 8 being prepared to ship, and the computer hardware catching up to the requirements of the Perceptive Pixel interface, the time may be ripe for a big disruption in large-format interactive displays.

While the large format Magic Walls and Smart Boards do promise to bring a lot of change to corporate meeting rooms and classrooms, it may be at the personal level that Microsoft saw the greatest opportunity in Perceptive Pixel.

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