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The beauty of custom-made stained glass home windows is that they strike the perfect balance: The classic charm and character of a century old art form with the style and shades that best suit your home today. If your living room is looking a bit too understated, a customized stain glass window adds a splash of color that will bring it back to life.

Or perhaps your bathroom seems a bit dingy and you’d like to gain some light without giving up your privacy. Stained glass home windows can accomplish both goals. Their texture is such that they’ll provide enough light to brighten the space while maintaining your solitude when you want it most.

Through proper placement, such as high on the wall of a cooking alcove in a Bathroom Wall Panel Guys the colored panes can produce some interesting effects as the natural light is channeled through them into the room. What’s more, these effects will vary throughout the day depending on the location of the sun. It might not be miraculous, but it’s the next best thing.

While stained glass home windows are renowned for their vibrant colors, inviting you to sit back and admire them, what if you also want to take in the view beyond? A variation on traditional glass can solve the problem by offering a classic pattern and touch of color without obstructing your sight lines.

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