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One of the primary factors that contribute to the resale value of the home is the way the bathroom(s) look and “feel”. Prospective buyers may be impressed with most of the other rooms, but if they take a look at a dimly lit, poorly decorated and/or poorly maintained bathroom, they may begin to wonder what else the seller hasn’t been taking care of?

The trend today is to make the bathroom a place to feel Bathroom Fan Guys to recharge your batteries and a good place to just plain relax. While you may not be prepared to invest in a spa tub or oversized shower, you can put your money into the right lighting.

Layers of lights in the bathroom will go a long way in improving the general mood and feel of the bathroom. One of the most critical planning issues is how to provide just the right lighting for completing the essential tasks of shaving and putting on makeup.

Let’s spend some time taking a look at the major types of lighting that make a bathroom a work of art. There are three major types of lighting to consider: Task Lighting, Accent Lighting and Ambient Lighting. I will spend the bulk of this article on the most critical of these three: Task Lighting.

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