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The reality, however, is that any successful citizen led effort must first surmount the major hurdle of getting reliable information about the urgent problems we face – as well as potential solutions – into the public arena. The past decade has witnessed the launch of many fantastic grassroots initiatives around all these issues. All engendered considerable energy and enthusiasm, flourished briefly and then, for the most part, fizzled and died.

The major stumbling block faced by all these grassroots efforts was Air Conditioner Gurus censorship that exerts near total control over the issues that reach public attention, and to a large extent, shapes the public response to these issues. A lot has been written recently about the ability of politicians and the public relations (PR) industry to “frame” issues to provoke the response they want from the American public. In fact Karl Rove and other public relations experts openly brag about their ability to provoke a knee jerk reaction from Americans, based on their ability to exploit basic human psychology.

The immense hurdle citizen activists face in presenting an alternative, “anti-corporate” point of view, is that successful “framing” is based on years of very systematic conditioning (i.e. brainwashing) we have all been subjected to from an early age. The US isn’t the only country to engage in deliberate deception. For more than thirty years citizens of most industrial countries have been subject to a very sophisticated form of mind control, designed to create and maintain a mindset that promotes corporate interests.

By the time the US industrial boom of the early fifties was in full swing, the science of mass brainwashing had advanced to the point that its influence could be seen in all electronic and print advertising, in school textbooks and in the more subtle marketing that occurs in the guise of journalism and news reporting and via the repetition of key ideological messages in films, magazines, books and other mass media.

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