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After you have the lighting down you will want to provide some sort of source for an increase in humidity. This can be a very simple thing to do and is a must considering the areas where they come from are humid. You can hand mist several times a day and this will usually be efficient in keeping the humidity up. If it is a problem, however, to be at home to do this then there are other alternatives. One could purchase a cool mist humidifier and keep it running.

You could purchase an automatic misting system such as the mistking. This will enable you to set the mistings on a timer that will go off throughout the day and mist the cage. This method, in my opinion, is by far the best and worth the money. All of these methods will also provide the benefit of drinking water for your little pet.

Last, The environment needs to be set up properly. The enclosure needs Misting System Guys enclosure for the purpose of proper air circulation. It must also be the appropriate size for the size of your chameleon. After these basics are met, it is time to release that imagination. Decorate the cage with plenty of live and fake plants. Place vines throughout the cage for him to climb on. Be sure there is a place under the basking spot for him to bask. Let some of the cage be darker so there is a difference in temperature. Avoid using substrates as it can be ingested and become bad news for your chameleon. Make it look like a jungle with open areas.

This will enable him/her to use the calcium intake to his/her advantage. Next, you will need a basking bulb. This bulb will provide the heat needed for your chameleon to warm up. This is important since reptiles are cold-blooded creatures and must be able to regulate their temperature.

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