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My brother tried to explain in pretty basic terms that the check would have 14-days to clear the bank before the furniture would be delivered, but the young woman had her instructions. It was only because of a sharp salesman who overheard the conversation that the store didn’t lose the entire sale. I can understand why stores don’t accept temporary checks on purchases a person carries out of the store with them. But to not take a temporary check that will clear the bank ten days before the customer has any of the store’s goods in his/her possession is insane.

This is a good example of poor application of a too rigid policy. When Bob and Lea opened their bank account, they were given a debit card. It looks and feels like a credit card, but instead takes money directly from your checking account.

Banks like to talk about how hard they try to Dumb Waiter Guys service. They do expensive research… they do focus groups. It might help if they used a little common sense. It might help to go out in the marketplace and try to use your own products to see if merchants accept them. It might help to think of the needs of people new to the community. They require more than eight temporary checks.

It doesn’t take a terribly bright person to figure out that one of the most basic needs people have when they establish a new checking account is access to the money being placed in that account.

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