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Most experts agree that a patio pond will increase the value of your house. Most homes being built today are tract homes that look like all other homes in the neighborhood. The only difference between many houses is the landscaping and other personal touches.

One of the obvious advantages of a water pond is the simple aesthetics of the pond itself. Depending on the homeowner’s budget, the water pond can range in price from less than one hundred dollars to thousands of dollars to construct. Obviously, the bigger the budget, the more features that a water pond can incorporate.

Depending on the desire of the homeowner, the Pond Fountain Crew can range from a simple free standing fountain, to a lush island oasis, complete with tropical plants and multiple waterfalls. Landscaping can turn the most simple water pond into beautiful back yard that truly increases the value of the home. Simple things, such as large rocks strategically placed, small plants framing the pond, with large plants providing shade and habitat for birds can complete the package.

Depending on the homeowner’s skill level, budget, and time constraints, most of the elements of the patio pond are things that can be constructed without having to hire a professional landscaper. A simple patio pond can be constructed in a single afternoon, a larger one may required several weeks, or even months using a full crew and heavy earth moving equipment.

When it comes time to sell a house, many prospective home owners are captivated by a beautiful patio pond, and will pay more for the house with the water garden as compared to a similar house without the water feature. Typically, a home owner will recoup the cost of a well maintained patio pond several times over. Many homeowners find that having a simple patio pond in their back yard encourage their family and friends to spend more time relaxing and enjoying their home.

Some people find they are spending more time in their garden oasis, then they are spending inside. A patio pond or water garden can provide the home owner with a quite oasis to relax at the end of a hectic day, where the gentle water sounds can drown out the ambient noise of the neighborhood. And it truly is hard to place a price on achieving peace and tranquility.

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