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Disguised as a kind of lifeguard, a bathing beauty and perhaps a wedding couple, these little guys will help make sitting in your hot tub more fun since an additional tub accessory probably will get a laugh from your friends. There are, however, a lot more conventional and valuable hot tub components from which to choose.

A word of caution, though, is required with a few of them. One such Outdoor Hot Tub Guys be a DVD player, which can be installed on the side of the tub. Spending too much time sunken in hot water could be hazardous and as exciting as watching a movie while soaking in the water may seem, no one really wants to become parboiled.

Another accessory several user appreciate is a CD player or radio. Some manufacturers include this as a standard hot tub accessory that gets power directly from the tub’s wiring. Adding a hot spa accessory should be done with care, since everyone is aware the dangers of mixing electrical appliances with water.

Buying a gift for someone who enjoys their hot tub is not at all hard. Whether filters, floating game boards or something else, a spa accessory is always a welcome present. For people who use an outdoor hot spa, particularly during the cold months a welcome accessory may be a towel warmer. This keeps the towel at the least as warm as the water making getting out of the tub in the winter a bit more comfortable.

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