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Want to create a fish pond but don’t know what fish to use or how to stock your pond? Follow these useful tips to grow great tasting pond fish such as trout, yellow perch and walleye. To build a fish pond, first decide what type of fish you would like. Some pond fish are cold water fish and require deep ponds around deep or so where water temperatures are cooler and more consistent.

Rainbow trout are the most popular trout for fish pond stocking. They grow rapidly and often gain an inch per month in size from spring through fall and less in the winter. They feed well on natural food and fish food pellets. Brook Trout are usually associated with small streams but do quite well in ponds also. They feed readily on fish pellets but are often moderately cannibalistic on small fish. They are usually considered to be great in taste. Brook trout can be stocked with other trout or warm water fish species. They are considered cold water pond fish.

Brown Trout are often considered to be river trout but do well in ponds also. They grow rapidly on natural food or pellets but are considered the most cannibalistic of all trout. They can also be harder to hook because of their shy nature. All trout require moving water and gravel bottom to spawn. They are considered cold water fish.

Walleye are a most sought after Fish Pond Guys for their delicious taste. They are strictly cannibalistic in their feeding habits and do not feed on commercial fish pellets. When stocking with other cool or warm water pond fish, they can keep down the number of small fish which enhances their growth rate. They do well with yellow perch, hybrid bluegills and bass. Walleye seldom spawn in small ponds.

Yellow perch are sought after because of their delicious taste. They are school running fish and are often fished near the bottom of lakes and ponds. They feed on small fish, insect life, and will feed readily on commercial diets, if trained. They can be very prolific and should not be stocked alone or in small ponds. They can be stocked with most other species especially hybrid bluegills, large mouth bass and catfish. They are considered cold water fish.

There are several commercial fish food pellets that you may choose to feed your pond fish. Some have high protein levels suitable for feedings during warm water temperatures while others have high carbohydrate levels suitable for feedings during cooler water temperatures.

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