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Whilst not all pond keepers use a pond skimmer in their garden pond to remove leaves and other organic vegetation, those that do tend to have clearer water because a pond skimmer also removes surface dust and pollen which can cause the water to appear cloudy. You will notice that I said clearer and not cleaner. Your pond water may appear clear but this does not necessarily mean that the water quality is healthy and clean. Pond water needs to be cleaned or purified of ammonia, a potentially lethal chemical to aquatic pond life.

Pond Filter Guys like humans need to go to the toilet. Unfortunately the toilet in their case is the pond in which they live. Ammonia is present in faeces and urine that they excrete into the pond water. Decaying aquatic plants, leaves and other organic matter that falls into the pond and isn’t quickly removed, also falls to the pond floor and starts to decay. This further helps to increase the build up of toxic ammonia.

This option is the best choice for small garden ponds, as it is the cheapest and easiest option to install simply connect a length of pond tubing to the suction of the pond pump. Furthermore the depth of the pond doesn’t affect the operation of this system; simply connect a longer piece of pond tubing between the pond pump and skimmer unit. This flexible option can be easily added to an existing pond, unlike a fixed skimmer that is incorporated into the design of the pond when it is initially built.

A fixed pond skimmer is very similar in appearance and works in much the same way as a swimming pool skimmer. Pond water containing pond debris is sucked from the pond surface where any debris is trapped inside a filter basket. The suction is created by a pond pump, housed in the skimmer chamber. After successfully removing and surface debris the pond water is then pumped into the biological pond filter, where it is purified. I would advise you to use a filter pump, also known as a solids handling pump as it has a much stronger impeller and has been designed to allow larger pond debris such as twigs to pass through it without damage occurring.

You can now install your solids handling pump inside the pond skimmer, in the chamber provided. Attach pond tubing to the suction of your pump and connect the other end of the tubing to your pond filter. Now that you have installed the fixed pond skimmer in place all you have to do is complete the other infrastructure work and fill your pond to the desired level. Once the water is at the desired level you can connect the pump.

Over a period of time the trapped debris will need to be emptied from the skimmer. In order to do this remove the lid from the pond skimmer and remove the filter basket, containing the trapped debris and empty it. You will also need to remove the filter mats and rinse them in a container with pond water; remember that you are trying to preserve any beneficial bacteria living on the mats.

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