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During the past week, I have learned that my wife is superwoman. I have experience kids peeing, pooping, fighting, arguing, whining, falling down, running through the house only to run into someone else or something, getting cut, getting bruised, getting thirsty, getting hungry, eating, and getting hungry and eating again before I could ever eat a meal. In addition, my 2 year old has opened every board game owned in the Soward home (while I was napping) and scattered pieces throughout 2 rooms. And, let me mention that he also personally opened a Smithsonian Institute Crystal Growing Chemistry Set owned by my 10 year old and managed to spread the powder throughout my study, foyer, hallway, and 2 bedrooms. Believe me, he experienced a little pain to remind him not to do that again!

As I look back through the week and thinking of Skylar’s accomplishment Pool Resurfacing Guys explorations in the home, it makes me realize this is simply the process that God intended. This is how we grow. Sometimes we are praised for trying something new. And there are times where we are hurt. No matter what the day brings, we are always growing and learning. The difference betweent the champions and losers is that champions apply the lessons learned.

Larry reminded me in our conversation that “only if I hadn’t gotten into the doghouse (with a former college coach)” I could have made it. Knowing what he knows now, I had the talent and the recklessness that needed to be had in order to be, at least, a special teams standout. It was bitter-sweet. Part of me wishes that he would have said that I wasn’t talented enough to make it rather than blaming it on the “doghouse.”

Larry now plays for the New England Patriots and was off that weekend. He has 3 Superbowl rings. He has been playing pro ball since 1996. He was undrafted after his college career ended. However, he was invited to attend the training camp for Jimmy Johnson’s Miami Dolphins. This was Jimmy Johnson’s first year coaching the Dolphins and was well know for his strict style. After the first pre-season game, Coach Johnson told reporters that only 2 people have made the team thus far, “Dan Marino and Larry Izzo.” You see, Larry was on the kick-off return team, not known for its glamour, and had knocked down an opponent running at him full speed. He got up and knocked down a second opponent. In the world of professional football and all of its talent and athleticism, only the spirt of a warrior and the heart of a champion could accomplish this.

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