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After you decide to construct a patio pond you need to select the pond liner. There are a multitude of materials that you can use for your backyard pond, and they are all effective. What type of pond liner you use depends in large part on the size of your pond.

A farm pond will be lined with heavy clay to keep it from leaking, and it is possible to use clay for your backyard pond as well. However, most people do not want a clay lined pond for their patio. If your pond is large, you could line it with cement mortar, like a swimming pool, but most people will use either a preformed plastic liner or will construct the pond with a plastic sheet material.

A small pond can use a preformed liner. If you want a bigger Pond Liner Guys you can link several smaller preformed liners together to form pools that drain into each other. Depending on elevation changes between the pond liners, you can either develop a small flowing stream or a waterfall splashing into the next level.

To use the preformed pond liners you need to dig a hole that is roughly the same shape as the liner itself. Line the hole with sand to prevent rocks from poking a hole through the liner. Once the liners are in place, you can place aquatic plants in the pool or use rocks and other plants to decorate your pond.

If you elect to construct your patio pond with a plastic sheet, you have a lot more flexibility as to the design of your water garden. You can dig a hole to form the main pond, and include several different levels to your pond. The dirt you excavate from your pond can be mounded up to form the water fall area. Line the pond and water fall area with your plastic pond liner, and cover the edges of the plastic liner with rocks to hold it in place. You can then use rocks and plants to landscape your patio pond and make it uniquely yours.

The simplest type of pond liner for most home owners will be a preformed liner. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and you can even use multiple liners together to construct your pond. However, if you truly have a creative bent, you can use a plastic sheet and build your own unique pond, unlike any other pond in the world. The choice is yours, and neither choice is wrong.

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