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Imagine you’re looking out a huge picture window. In the foreground, there’s a beautiful negative edge or a four sided overflow pool. The edge of the pool appears to waterfall over onto a tree covered hillside gently sloping away from you. There are several trees on this hillside, but the largest and oldest, a huge pecan tree, is smack in the middle of your view, as if this whole project, this whole house and pool and terraces were built centered on that tree’s magnificent canopy. That was before salt killed the tree.

The water in the negative edge pool doesn’t really flow down the hillside. That’s the illusion. It drops into a trough about six feet below the edge of the pool. That’s where the auto water fill for the pool is installed. When the negative edge pump turns on, it pumps water up from the trough, overfilling the pool and creating that illusion. The auto water fill kicks on as the trough drains to make up for any water lost since the last time the negative edge pump was run.

Now, add a salt system. Everything’s fine – except for Pool Tile Guys as it falls from the pool into the trough that’s impregnating the ground around the trough with salty water so that no grass grows. The four sided overflow, gutter pool is forming iron on all four edges, a pitting the edges.

Then the auto water fill gets stuck open. Now the trough overflows. The edge pool keeps waterfalling salty water into the trough so the water running down the hill has a slowly decreasing saline content. This is about a 40,000 gallon pool, so that’s quite a bit of salty water. If you just poured the undiluted salt granules onto the hillside it would be 1,334 lbs. of salt. Say that to yourself slowly. One thousand three hundred thirty four pounds of salt. Nearly twenty-seven 50 lbs. bags, for a 40,000 gallon infinity pool.

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