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Picking your filter is very important if you want to have a successful pond with hardly any pond maintenance. If you do not use the best filtration setup, more than likely you will be constantly doing pond maintenance. Your water will be filthy, green and most likely full of string algae.

Well there is some tips you can follow to ensure that you won’t be doing Pond Maintenance Guys everyday. We want to keep maintenance to once every couple weeks. It depends on the size of your pond and the quantity of koi. The more koi in your pond, the more the filter has to work, and the more pond maintenance you’ll have to do if your filter can’t handle it.

When choosing your filter setup, you need to have the following types of filtration, mechanical, biological, and you should use UV sterilization as well. A skimmer filter is a good mechanical filter for removing floating debris, and you should use a bottom drain as well for the stuff that sinks. This will surely minimize the level of pond maintenance you have to do, especially early in the season when starting it up again.

The most important part of your filter is the bio filter. It contains beneficial bacteria which do your pond maintenance for you! Bacteria actually grows on everything, which is why its important to use a bio filter that is filled with something with plenty of surface area. If building your own, you can use scrubby pads or even straws cut up into small pieces.

If you do not setup your filter correctly, the worst part of your pond maintenance will be removing string algae. This is a result of your biological filter not functioning properly or sufficiently. If its early spring or summer, its possible your bio filter has not developed yet, it takes about a month to 6 weeks. You should add some bacteria in the beginning of the spring to start your biological filter early and avoid having to do so much pond maintenance.

These are the key factors you need to consider when building your pond. Remember the goal is to have a pond to look at, not to do pond maintenance all the time! Get the right materials and save the headache.

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