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Tangerines, as most citric fruits, are rich in vitamin C. Making tangerines part of a healthy Mediterranean diet can help you boost your immune system and as a result, prevent colds. Although this effect of vitamin C is not backed up by the scientific community, there are many studies that connect vitamin C with a faster recovery and decrease of cold and flue symptoms.

Another function of vitamin C is to increase the production of interferon. Interferon has two basic roles: to prevent viral reproduction in the cells and to enhance the destruction of the cells already infected.

Vitamin C also seems to enhance the role of phagocytes. Phagocytes Water Pressure Regulator Guys from microbe invasion. It also participates in the formation of collagen, a protein that maintains the integrity of our cell membranes, the first barrier against infections.

Ingesting vitamin C along with food high in iron enhances iron’s absorption. Take two tangerines for dessert after eating a meal high in iron, such as lentils. Vitamin C helps the formation of red blood cells, which in turn prevents anemia.

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