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Is American dream a reality or a delusion? Do people ask themselves this question when they risk their lives crossing the borders or try to win green card in the lottery? I don’t think so. As a survival instinct they repeat their favorite stories about uncles and neighbors that came to this country and built their happy lives here. Most of them are not able to accept the idea that if you’re born poor, no matter how hard you work, sometimes success is still outside your grasp and American dream is just a dream.

Many of us remember the images of Hurricane Katrina. But the most Mobile Home Water Heater Guys were not of the hurricane itself but of the poor, stranded, helpless people begging for aid from the US government. Again American dream was not able to touch every American; tens of thousands of children and their parents were left behind. But did these images stop thousands of people who were ready to cross the border? No. This situation reminds me birthday parties with the piñata at the end. Invariably, there is some kid who scoops up everything, and a lot of other stunned kids look at each other and the empty floor. Yes, one lucky guy will get all the candies. But others will not get medical care, education, or government protection in case of disasters.

Education and safety were always important concepts of the American dream. Both are perceived to be more elusive now than a generation ago, when families bought a house they could afford and sent their children to the school down the street without a second thought. Now middle-class families are stretching themselves to the breaking point to afford homes in safe neighborhoods and “better” school districts.

But in spite of everything I know that my neighbor lives American Dream for the last thirty-five years. Not the dream that has been advertised to us by newspapers, the other one. In this dream he has a son who gets much better after his seizure, he has a beautiful wife that adores him and thinks that he is the best man on Earth, he has parents that are still alive and who drive to Los Angeles from Arizona every Thanksgivings with a huge turkey and cheap wine in the trunk of their old Chevy Lumina.

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