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Check that the gas is switched on. Move the gas control to ‘pilot’ to ensure that the burner doesn’t ignite whilst you’re inspecting the interior. Take off the metal cover from the bottom of the heater and see if the burner or pilot light is lit.

If the pilot light is not lit, relight it. It’s possible that the inlet valve for the Propane Tankless Water Heater Guys partway or completely. If this is the case, turn the handle parallel to the line and re-ignite the pilot light. If you can’t get the pilot to light, it could be the thermocouple that’s damaged and you should give up your DIY troubleshooting of the water heater and phone the gas utility company or a plumbing repair person.

If the burner is not lit, put back the metal cover and check that the thermostat is set at approximately 120ºF. If not, reset it and turn on the hot water tap for a couple of minutes to check if the burner ignites. If it doesn’t, leave the hot tap running and try moving the temperature dial down and then up to make the burner ignite.

If it’s the burner lights, put back the cover and set the thermostat to a suitable temperature. However, if it doesn’t ignite, stop all water heater troubleshooting activities and get an expert repair person to look at it. It’s possible the thermostat is defective. Replacing a thermostat is a job for an expert in this type of plumbing problems.

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