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If you have a passion for woodworking like I do, then you will be very picky about choosing your next project. You have many choices when it comes to woodworking projects. Whether you are picking outdoor or indoor projects to build from scratch, or just looking to fix something that is broken, you will soon realize there are many options. Choosing the option that fits your skill level will make your project more enjoyable.

The next on the list is the cabinet maker. Now we are getting into the really skilled Furniture Pick Up Guys Cabinet makers ARE the furniture makers. You know you have something from a quality craftsman if everything is flush and true. Look at the joints on the drawers, and you will find that they are dovetailed. Check the spacing around the drawers, and it will be even. These are all signs that a quality craftsman made this piece of furniture.

The last trade that you may not be aware of, is the pattern maker. This is a dying trade in north America because of the advent of computer drawings and machining. Pattern Makers are industrial woodworkers that work to within a few thousandths of an inch in accuracy. They work in wood and understand the concepts of shrinkage and mould making. I believe they make the best furniture makers because of their attention to detail, and an eye for minute inaccuracies in the design. I am also a little biased because I am one.

Regardless of where you are starting from, if you are going to build furniture, you need to pay attention to detail, and learn the skills of the cabinet maker. When you choose the next furniture plan that you are going to build, take baby steps based on your current skill. If you are a framer, then start with garden furniture plans because they tend to require less accuracy. Then work your way up to building that curio cabinet for your mother in laws dining room. The best thing about the learning process is that you need only get started, have fun through trial and error, and don’t quit.

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