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My recent interaction with a junior plumber left a lot to amusement. As I happened to meet a few of them at the Summer Internship Plumbing School, I got to know that very minute that it would not be a disappointment having to talk to them. As I entered, I could easily sniff the enthusiasm in one particular boy.

As I took to the podium, I was forced from within to ask just one Commercial Water Heater Guys I addressed any other topic on this. My curiosity pushed me to ask each one of them-What drove you to become a plumber?

The number and the kind of responses to that first question were simply interesting. Besides that, the enthusiasm and positivism they should towards the scope of this profession, was totally thrilling. It gave me a sense of pride talking about this fast-growing profession.

As I began to orate, I started with pointing out the average career graph of a plumber. Considering that a qualified plumber starts his career as an apprentice to an established plumber, it is very imperative to observe and grasp the finer nuances of this task with utmost attention.

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