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So you took her to dinner, bought flowers, even cooked a meal and still no deeply romantic moments? Women are not wired the same way as men, and as we age, things that were once important may not be top priority any longer. Vibrance and charisma are still winners. Why not re-evaluate your approach on all levels.

Women have been likened to beautiful flowers throughout the ages probably Energy Star Water Heater Guys lovely to look at, come in so many shapes, sizes, colors and fragrances. Men are probably more like the bees that pollinate the flowers come to think of it, flitting from one to the next looking for just the perfect petals and opening from which to collect nectar. Yes, nature always gives us clues. Interesting that those bees are probably working really hard for the queen bee back at the hive!

What kind of a woman are you in love with? Do you know? Some women are the “girl next door” types, or those who care a great deal about the world around them and how they might contribute. Other women may be more interested in self-improvement and making a good deal of money. Then there are women who live and breathe for the chance to have children, two dogs, a white picket fence and many social club memberships. There are women who are mischievous, or flirtatious, and those that are shy, some that are gregarious and others who are quite private. And beyond that there are women who are immersed in their occupations with little time for anything or anyone else, save for a day or two of romance with a lover. Certainly there are combinations of all of the above, but generally there is a predominant quality – one that is the primary motivator. Knowing who you are married to or in love with or trying to “get” is important.

After surveying the type of woman you wish to romance try to think about how she responds to you. Does your lady do things that blatantly say, “I care”? Does she surprise you with thoughtful gestures such as cooking your favorite meal, turning down the bed, picking up something you forgot, splurging on your favorite weekend getaway? Or does she spend countless hours typing, researching, traveling, and attending meetings each day with little time for such efforts? Sex appeal is personal, but whatever your best attributes be certain they are always shining.

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