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One of the best tips you can do for the plumbing system in your home is routine maintenance. Now maintenance does not have to be hard and in this first article I will share with you one of the most common tips you can do yourself to keep your plumbing system up and running. Water Heaters: These guys are actually taking a bit of abuse even though you may not see it. The constant expansion and contraction of the water tank can be the main factor why heaters fail. Don’t let this alarm you though. By maintaining your water heater you can almost double the life of the heater in many cases.

Run the hose to a floor drain nearby. Shut the valve on the RV Water Heater Guys of the heater. Now turn on the valve where you hooked the hose up. Let the water tank drain. To speed up the draining process open the relief valve on the side of the heater by pulling up on the lever, this will act as a vent and allow the heater to drain faster.

Once the Water Heater seems like it has drained close the relief valve (if you opened it) turn on the cold water valve for 15 seconds while the bottom valve is still open. After 15 seconds close the cold water valve again and let heater drain. This will flush out any remaining sediment on the bottom of the tank.

Tank is now flushed Close the bottom valve and the relief valve. Turn on cold water valve and let heater fill up before relighting the pilot. In some case you may experience low pressure at some of the faucets. This is caused by sediment in the lines. Remove the aerator of the clogged faucet and clean it out.

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