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Over the next few years life seemed really great for us, now we have a family and love each other very much, a beautiful home, a great career, and making pretty good money. We owned some nice cars, a very nice recreational vehicle. Clare came home one day and seemed excited, she began to tell me about these new homes that were to be built not very far from where we were now living. We completed our sales agreement with the builder, went home and put our house on the market for sale.

Our home was sold rather quickly, so we put most of our belongings into storage. At this point we moved into an apartment and waited anxiously for our home to be completed. Seemed like this process would take forever, but at last our new Carriage Home was completed and we were moved in and soon to be back to our normal routines.

Now this is when my good life as I knew it is about to take a turn Propane Water Heater Guys, and our world begins to get scary and some major changes would soon be taking place. My visit to our family Doctor and receiving some disturbing news, my Doctor shared the results of my test which I had prior to this office visit with him. My Doctor believed I needed to stop working because my health problems would continue to get worse.

So I leaned back and took a breath and said to myself, now what am I going to do. I tried closing my eyes and thinking things would work out just fine, after all… I have always been strong minded and able to accept a challenge and be in control, take it one step at a time with the best results not allowing the challenge at hand to beat me.

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