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One of the most popular gas saving techniques out there right now is the Water For Gas system where you build your own HHO system. I started trying this system out a few weeks ago and so far I am happy with the progress I have made.

The first thing that I built was one of the HHO electrolyzers which was Electric Hot Water Heater Guys it does require some mechanical know how. If you are the type guy that works on your car yourself then it should be no problem for you to build. Pretty much their whole target audience for the build it yourself HHO products are the blue collar guys that are used to working with their hands and have some mechanical know how.

Installing the Electrolyzer was even easier than building it. Hook up a vacuum line and a few wires and you are done. I did add in a relay so that I could actually power the generator straight from the battery. You just need to find a wire that is only hot when the engine is running and use that to power your relay.

I did not really time myself but after I had all of the parts together it probably took about three hours for me to put the HHO generator together. It took more time running around town finding all of the parts than what it took to assemble it. There is also a variety of different conductors that you can use to make the plates out of. Stainless steel wire or plates works pretty well and is what I use but there are also designs that are using titanium and copper.

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