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While water is undeniably one of the most important gifts of nature, it can also be damaging and catastrophic to the environment and the society. Excess water in any property causes damage most especially in places where it is designed not to be. Excess water in basements and crawl spaces causes mildew and mold which can contribute to the destruction of wooden joists that hold the house. Moreover, water trapped in roadways can cause failure of roadways as well. Thus, in order to avoid these catastrophic situations, a proper drainage system should be designed and constructed.

A Drainage Ditch Guys system is very important to any property. It allows excess water in the vicinity to drain away in order to prevent the water from damaging the property. There are generally two types of drainage which are surface drainage, and subsurface drainage. Surface drainage is literally the removal of water from the surface of the land. This can be done by shallow ditches or open drains. On the other hand, subsurface drainage is the removal of water from the rootzone. This is accomplished by deep open drains or buried pipe drains.

Underground drainage is more critical than surface drainage. Its systems need to be installed with care. Moreover, it has to be ensured that underground drainage drains to the correct location. More importantly, it has to be installed with sturdy materials which will be able to withstand incursions. As such, underground drainage systems have to be designed and installed by experts and professionals.

In the design and installation of a subsurface drainage system, there are many factors that need to be considered. These include the native soil, depth of pipe, diameter of pipe, and spacing. Before anything else, it is important to determine why a particular site needs a drainage system, and what the site is used for. These are essential in determining the choice of piping and installation considerations as well.

Since these systems are basically consisting of a network of piping used in removing water from the area, piping material and specifications should be critically considered. There are many varieties of pipes available for subsurface drainage systems. Since subdrain systems vary tremendously, piping specifications vary tremendously as well.

Undeniably, underground drainage is very important most especially in urbanized areas. All aspects of a good underground drainage design should be considered in order for the system to function effectively and serve its purpose. Most importantly, the society with which the system is a part of should also take its part in the proper care and maintenance of the drainage system.

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