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If you have an old bathroom, you know all of the many challenges that face you daily as it is in use. You might have a bathtub in place, for example, but desire the speed that comes from using a shower, especially if you have a time crunch to get ready for work in the morning. Showers also take up less room, a prime consideration for the smaller bathroom to which you would like to give a more expansive appearance.

Furthermore, especially with older homes, there are problems with the plumbing, so that the room does not function as well as you would like. Many homeowners at some point decide to remodel the bathroom, and one of the hottest design trends that they utilize are wet room showers. In order to create wet room showers, you can use a linear drain shower to achieve the new bathroom design look that you want.

Linear or trench drains for showers work on some simple design principles. A linear drain shower uses a long thin rectangular drain. The linear drains for showers are placed inside a trench that runs the length of the drain and is situated below the finished floor level. Surrounded by the appropriate water proof flange as well as metal spacers, you can ensure that the trench drains for showers are completely flush with the finished level of the shower floor.

The trench Linear Drain Guys shower requires no edges to be placed around the shower pan in order to direct water to the floor drain. This is what makes it a no threshold shower, not only beautiful in use but also completely suitable for creating an ADA accessible shower as well.

The linear drains for showers are the basis for the wet room style shower. Trench drains for showers can be placed at the shower doorway, for example, and thus your glass no threshold shower doors can extend all the way to the floor, for a sleek look. If you prefer, with the proper placement of drains in the trench drain shower, you need not use any shower doors at all, and yet the water will remain in the shower area.

Other design options that come through the installation of a linear drain shower concern the size of the tile you can use in the shower area. While traditional round shower drains can only utilize small tiles, the linear drain system allows for the use of larger tiles or stone, giving you flexibility in your bathroom remodel.

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