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Bonsai is, as I’m sure you know, the art of growing miniature trees. But just because they’re tiny doesn’t mean they’re less hardy than their full sized cousins nor does it mean they do not live as long.In fact, many of these dwarfs often outlive their fully grown counterparts.

There is something extremely therapeutic about creating Bonsai Tree Care Guys and at the same time it is an art which requires little in the way of expensive or specialist tools. The trees are a living art – with no two exactly alike – and they can change with the seasons and the years. Deciduous bonsai grown outdoors, for instance, lose their leaves in winter just as normal trees do, then they grow them back in spring. For added visual effect you can choose bonsai trees that flower such as azalea or white star jasmine.

The easiest way to start is to buy a tree already trimmed and in a pot. It has usually already been shaped, often with the sculptor using wire to give it a unique, twisted appearance. But it is up to the keeper of the tree to trim leaves and branches as the years go by, deciding which to keep and which to cut. Bonsai masters, those that are involved with bonsai trees care, attempt to create not just an aesthetically pleasing shape, but a spiritual sense of age, beauty and timeless endurance.

You will need to know how to prune the trunk and roots of your tree as well as the branches. It may sound rather daunting but, as I have said before, all that’s needed is the right knowledge to know what to trim and what to leave.

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