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Not to be confused with the French or rubble drain which is normally used for outdoor applications the channel drain, also known as the linear shower floor drain or the tile shower trench drain, offers several advantages over traditional drainage systems particularly when it comes to wet room shower design or a tub to shower conversion. Not only does a channel drain offer greater reliability, they are also much more modern and stylish and actually cost far less than a standard shower drain installation.

Many people are surprised to learn that basic modern shower design actually dates back to Greco Roman times. physical cleanliness was considered a virtue by both the ancient Greeks and the Romans, both of whom enjoyed the advantages of indoor plumbing. Such villas with showers and even running water toilets were to be found from Egypt and Syria all the way to Britannia.

With the fall of the Roman Empire in the Fifth Century AD however, knowledge of Roman plumbing was lost within a few generations. Furthermore, in Christianity as practiced in Europe during the Dark Ages and the early medieval period, bathing was considered sinful for reasons that historians aren’t completely clear about.

In fact, channel drain systems ideal for wet Floor Drain Guys room shower design which is the new and coming trend in residential bathroom design. Instead of a raised barrier and inward-sloping depression in the floor to direct runoff, the shower floor is level with the rest of the room. The linear shower floor drain design is what controls the runoff and separates the shower area from the rest of the room, preventing excess water from flowing to other parts of the bathroom. The result is a very open and spacious feel in what is all too often one of the most cramped and uncomfortable rooms in the house.

This is not to say that a tile shower trench drain does not require some kind of slope. However unlike the traditional round, center drain, this slope only needs to be in one direction, thus saving on design and construction costs while lending a fresh new look to your bathroom.

This is what many people find surprising. Channel drain costs are lower not only because it is easier to create a single slope, but also because it takes less time to install. This is something to think about when considering a major bathroom remodel in which you are planning a tub to shower conversion.

Finally, you will find that a channel drain provides a greater range of design options than traditional drainage systems. Since such a drain is level with the shower floor, it’s a simple matter to create a shower without a threshold. This is especially useful when it comes to those who face mobility challenges; entry and egress while in a wheelchair is greatly facilitated since there is no raised barrier when a channel drain is used.

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