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Electric fireplace logs can replace wood burning and gas log fireplace units quite easily. Electric logs usually have two settings, flame with heat and flame with no heat. This allows you to get the most economy out of the logs and enjoy them even when you are not using them to heat the room. Both settings use very little power, only costing a few cents per hour to operate.

Wood burning fireplaces have caused many house fires and natural gas also has dangers. Electric logs are safe to operate and are designed to twinkle and flash just like a real fire. You do not have to deal with the mess and expense of buying wood, splitting wood and dragging it into the house. You do not even have to worry about keeping a pilot light lit.

Electric Fireplace Log Guys plug into an ordinary electrical outlet. Different sizes of logs are available for any size fireplace you already have. They are perfect for providing a warm, cozy atmosphere for two or for the family to gather around and talk about their day together. Electric logs are also a great way to add a cheery setting to a party or holiday gathering.

Many electric logs are remote controlled so that you do not even have to get up to turn the flames on, off or adjust the heat setting. Models are available that will sound like real fire crackling in the fireplace. If you are tired of messing with fire wood or natural gas, electric logs are a great way to continue to enjoy your fireplace without the mess and fuss.

Electric fireplace logs dance and play like a real fire. They also produce a comfortable warmth that does not dry out the air in the room or deplete the oxygen in the room the way a real fire does. It is also much safer around small children and does not leave little black marks on the floor or carpet from sparks.

Once the electric logs are installed, there is no more mess or fuss. They are easy to install in almost any existing fireplace unit. If the fireplace is still new, you can avoid the black marks and permanent stains that real fires make in the fireplace box. There is also no need to ever have to clean the chimney again or hire a chimney sweep. If you love the atmosphere of a cozy fire but hate the mess and hassle, electric logs are a perfect solution.

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