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The new ventless propane fireplace option is making a huge wave in the remodeling industry. If you like the idea of a fireplace and the warmth it can add to a home or room, you would do well to consider one. One of the reasons many do not opt to remodel to include a fireplace is because of the huge expense usually associated with adding a chimney. However, the ventless fireplaces do not require a chimney or a vent and so are a easy and much more inexpensive way to get a fireplace into your room than previously available.

They are free standing structures, meaning they are not connected to ductwork or vents. Some ventless fireplaces are fueled by pellet, gel fuel, bottled gas or natural gas. The most popular are propane fireplaces. Pellet stoves are a great option for those who are concerned with safety issues related to propane like carbon monoxide, sparks, chimney fires and the like. There are other heaters as well as electric fireplace options, but these are not nearly as easy to install, aren’t nearly as efficient and can’t be taken everywhere as they require an electrical outlet to work.

They have many models good for in homes or for use as a Propane Fireplace Guys. Either way these fireplaces are the easiest to install and are the most efficient fireplace around. For example, the gas burning types, as opposed to the gel fireplace, burns fuel at nearly 100% efficiency. If you decided to get one know that some states regulate these fireplaces in various ways, so find out what the laws are in your area before purchasing.

Such regulations declare that the direct vent propane fireplace be the appropriate size for the area to be heated. Obviously heat is output at a higher rate because of the efficiency in fuel burning, but the propane indoor fireplace also releases moisture into the air. Because of this and other factors, oxygen sensors and carbon monoxide sensors are safety precautions anyone should take when using a ventless propane fireplace.

With this type of fireplace insert in your home, you can have your fire and warmth without the hassle and expense. They are prefabricated so you can pick them up, or they can be built to your specifications. Many consider them to be more reliable and don’t require regular cleaning or maintenance like wood burning or typical gas fireplaces do.

Installing regular fireplaces not only require installing a chimney, and typically a mantle. It also requires a firebox and hearth. Another nice fact about these fireplaces is that they don’t require a hearth. No matter whether you have carpet, wood floor, or tile, you can set your portable propane fireplace just about anywhere in your home. Almost immediately you can enjoy your ventless propane fireplace in any space, indoor or outdoor, and get that great warmth you’ve always dreamed about.

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