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Over recent years we’ve seen more and more gas stoves enter the market. Many retailers now also sell gas stoves along with the traditional electric stoves. You are probably used to using the electrical stove and consequently you probably are quite fed up with the lack of electricity resources in the country. Load shedding has taken over our lives and we have to work around it and that’s why many people are turning to gas stoves.

We are so used to electric stoves that it just feels like second nature to purchase one and to use it. After all, before load shedding we didn’t even consider looking at a gas stove. It was just something that was also in the retail store but not really something that you would desire to buy. The most prominent factor about electrical stoves is that it uses electricity.

This makes it easy to install and quick to start using. Cooking and baking in it is also quite easy to do because you have probably grown up with one and your mother has taught you to cook on one. On the other hand, it does rely on electricity so you are subject to load shedding. And even though there is a load shedding schedule, you electricity can still be cut out at any time during the day.

So this is not ideal if you have pot of food cooking on the Gas Stove Guys. That is why people turn to gas because you don’t have to worry about unwanted electricity cuts. Once you find one that you love, you’ll have to install it in your kitchen. Be sure to find a reputable gas installation expert to install your gas cylinders and stove and request that you receive a Certificate of Compliances upon the completion of the installation.

It’s very important from as safety aspect. This installation process only needs to be done once, thank goodness but once it’s done, you’re ready to cook. Using a gas stove, in terms of cooking and baking, is quite similar to that of the electrical version. You simply plug it into the wall and there you go, it is ready to use.

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