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Grandma Stuart arrived each fall as frequently as the robins betrayed Pittsburgh for hotter climes. She went through a large portion of the year with us and half at the home of her more seasoned little girl, Virginia, who had fled an agreeable life as the most mainstream young woman in Clarksburg, West Virginia to run off with the toughly attractive Joe Goode.

Rather than staying around the local area after their marriage, Joe took his lady of the hour to the family cultivate in Ritchie County, twelve miles from the closest prepare line and sufficiently far from his in-laws to maintain a strategic distance from their wrath. Virginia, unsupervised without precedent for her life, rapidly turned into the looker of the homestead group. While Joe and his contracted men works, she turned into a model agriculturist’s better half, directly down to get ready appetizing rabbit or squirrel stew.

At the point when Grandmother wound up plainly widowed, unfit to Blacktop Concrete Crew, my dad was the just a single of her two children in-law willing to make the rough 300-mile round outing in an auto heaped to limit with Grandmother’s garments and fortunes; therefore he put aside a few days each fall and spring for her transportation. He once in a while whined in light of the fact that he could visit his own particular mother and sister en route.

The adventure from Pittsburgh to West Virginia in the 1930s was in no way like the quick, lovely Interstate side trip it is today. Continuing from the South Hills region of the city, we made a beeline for Washington, Pennsylvania, twisting through low, undulating slopes fixed with Lombardy poplars, a beguiling tree acquainted with the range by Italian outsiders.

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