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Going to a countertop shop for the first time can be overwhelming. You don’t know all the pros and cons of the different options or what makes some slabs costlier than others. When it comes down to it, how do you really know the counters will go with the rest of your kitchen? What you need is an expert advocate on your side, not a pushy salesperson. Choosing the right countertop shop that’s renowned for customer service, not customer sales, is your first step.

Take a look at online reviews, testimonials and, if applicable, ask your builder or project manager for his or her take on countertop shops in your area. Once you’ve identified a business that puts the customer first, it’s time to start shopping. This should be a fun process, whether you’re building a custom home from the ground up or remodeling your kitchen. Countertops take up a lot of real estate in the kitchen, and can easily be the focal point.

You’re in charge of how much or little help you get. If you want to have the pros and cons of different materials explained, that can happen. If you’re already a self-made countertop expert, you can be left to your own devices to peruse as you wish.

Countertop shops are usually separated into categories by material, price and color. Small pieces or remnants likely will be available and are an excellent way to save big if you don’t have a particularly large counter space to cover. Remnants are exactly what they sound like: remnants of a slab from another client. Some remnants can be quite large and easily usable for smaller counters or islands. Using contrast, such as one slab for countertops and another for an island, is a great way to incorporate remnants in a fun way.

Your Countertop Experts professionals can help direct you toward the best colors and patterns to go with your complete kitchen look. Bring in photos of cabinets, flooring or inspiration kitchens that showcase the style you want for your home. Looking at such massive slabs, while trying to remember the exact shade of your backsplash, can be challenging. The more photos you have of what’s already in your kitchen bathroom or what will be there the easier this process will be. You can always move forward with any slab you fall in love with, but for an expert opinion, it’s important to have photographs for reference points.

When the final slab is selected, it will be placed on a flat surface so you can choose the part you’d like. It’s necessary to have the exact countertop or island dimensions. If you don’t, you won’t be able to handpick your cut at this time. Make sure you get the parts of the slab you want, perhaps making sure the center of a counter has that gorgeous pop of color or unique detailing. Contact Granite City for the friendliest service in town with no-pressure sales and an enjoyable countertop shopping experience.

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