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When shopping jewelry safes the selection of the lock is an important decision. Once you have chosen a good quality safe and determined what size safe you need it is time to consider the lock. While locks can be changed later on it is in your best interest to select the most appropriate lock for your home jewelry safe right up front.

First, be sure you are only considering locks that are United Laboratories listed as high security locks. These are the only locks that will provide the protection you want for your home jewelry safe and the jewelry inside There are three different styles of locks that may listed by U.L. as high security, the traditional combination lock, the electronic lock and the biometric lock.

The traditional tumbler lock has a solid look that many folks feel comfortable with. But more important than look is functionality and for the less experienced jewelry safe user these locks can be quite cumbersome to open. The high security combination lock typically has a three digit combination. The tumbler is typically rotated four times left to the first number, three times right to the second number and two times left to the third number finishing with a turn to the right. While this is not necessarily difficult it is time consuming and must be done with precision. Many of us need glasses to accomplish this task as our eyes need a bit of help to see the small tick marks. The combination lock provides reliable and secure access to jewelry safes but is not the fastest way to get into your home security safe.

Electronic or digital locks are very popular due to the quick and convenient access they provide to the contents of jewelry safes. Along with your safe you will receive lock instructions that guide you in simple instructions on opening your safe and setting your own combination. Then, any time you choose you can change the combination without the assistance of a locksmith that is needed with a combination lock. These locks have a lockout feature which prohibits burglars from repetitively trying different combinations hoping to get lucky and get the safe open.

The most recent entry into the list of locks available for home Jewelry Safe Guys is the biometric or fingerprint lock. These locks have all of the conveniences of the digital locks but go one step beyond by not requiring memorization of a combination. Many of these locks are now quite reliable but because they are newer technology they are often still priced on the high end.

As you evaluate ways to keep your jewelry safe don’t underestimate the importance of selecting the right lock for your home jewelry safe. Be sure you consider only a listed high security lock. While jewelry safes are available at a wide range of types of stores as well as on-line you will be best off if you consult with someone who knows safes well. Get educated on the different alternatives to make sure you get the security you need.

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