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Floor safes are an excellent way to protect documents and keep valuables secure. Owning a safe is a wise decision, providing both security of property, as well as peace of mind. As there are so many options available, choosing a safe can feel overwhelming. When considering the advantages and disadvantages of each style, and a side by side comparison is often useful. Let’s compare two common types of models- the floor safe and the freestanding safe.

Floor mounted security devices are an economically sound investment, and over time, save the buyer money. They not only cost less than the rental of a safe deposit box, but they offer ease in accessing personal items. Imagine for a moment that a burglar comes to your home or business and looks for a safe. They are very unlikely to look for the safe in the floor. They are not all that common, often being overlooked when a theft occurs. This is probably one of the best advantages of owning a floor safe over a free standing safe.

A free standing Floor Safe Guys is just that, free standing, meaning that if a burglar is unable to open the device, an alternative is to haul it off and open it elsewhere. This does indeed happen, and it can happen to you, if you chose that kind of safe. A floor safe on the other hand is not portable, and it takes a lot of hard, noisy work to make it portable. Installing a floor safe involves cutting a hole in the floor, digging out a spot for the device, and then securing the device in the hole with concrete. This type of device becomes a part of the structure, and almost impossible to remove. They offer nowhere near the same level of permanency, and security.

The cost of a free standing safe as compared to a buying floor mounted device is quite different. A floor safe can cost substantially more than the alternative, especially if the device is installed post construction. The extra cost involved with installing a floor safe needs to weighed against the extra security that it provides. Many people will agree that some extra cost is a more than fair trade for a better product, extra security and increased piece of mind.

An additional advantage of a floor safe, over a traditional free standing device is that they take up no room. Because it is under the floor, they are often roomier, and do not take up valuable space. One thing to note is that in the case of a flood, water may pour into a floor mounted device. It is important to make sure that any items that could be damaged by water are properly protected.

There are many reasons why buying floor safes are better than free standing alternatives. These include but are not limited to, increased security, less portability, and less likelihood of discovery. All these factors and some are important to consider when deciding which safe to buy. The main consideration though, should always be which safe is the best option to keep your important documents and valuable items safe.

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