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Wall safes are available in a variety of sizes and designs. There are wall safes that are fireproof and there are others that are not fireproof. If you are going to purchase a wall safe for your home, you should take some time first and decide on the features that you want your safe to have.

The first thing to consider is the size of safe that will fit into the thickness of your wall. Obviously, a ten inch deep wall safe will not fit into a wall constructed with two by four studs. In fact, the finished width of a two by four stud would be only three and a half inches. Three and a half inches then will be the distance between the wall of one room and the wall of the next room.

It’s possible that an outside wall will be made of Wall Safe Guys providing five and a half inches of depth for a safe, but an outside wall may not be the best place for your safe. You could also get a deeper wall safe and install it in a closet wall so the extra depth would stick out into the closet, but that will take up closet space and it will also be apparent that there’s a safe in the wall.

In general, then, you would put a safe that’s three and a half inches deep in a standard wall. The other dimensions will vary and you can choose a size that will accommodate the items that you want to lock up. That means that you will have to decide what items you want to put in your safe before you buy it. Will they fit in a wall safe that’s only three and a half inches deep Once you know what valuables you will put in the safe, you can then determine what length and width your safe must be to hold them all.

Then you will have to decide if you want a safe that’s opened with a key or one with a combination lock. A combination lock can have either an electronic keypad or a dial. If it has an electronic keypad, then it will have a battery. Batteries occasionally can go bad and leak chemicals. The leaked chemicals will usually ruin the electronics so then you will have to fix the wall safe before you can open it.

After your wall safe is installed, you will need to hang something in front of it to keep it hidden. A mirror or a picture is the usual covering. Whatever you use, it should fit naturally into the decor of the room. Of course, you should not tell anyone that you have a wall safe. If you have planned properly and follow these simple suggestions, you will have a suitable wall safe that will keep your valuable possessions safe and secure.

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