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Stripping Wallpaper is one of the least enjoyable processes in the decorating trade. It can be difficult to remove an old wall covering, especially a textured paper that has been painted over. The basic principle if the paper does not come off easily by dry stripping is to soak it, and soak it well.

Try dry stripping first, its Stripping Wallpaper Guys how often paper can easily be stripped by scraping with a sharp stripping tool well levered behind the paper while dry. If it comes off easily dry then that saves a lot of time. When I say easy I mean that one whole strip comes off in one go and takes about 30 seconds or less.

If on the other hand it does not come off easy then you need to soak with water or use a steam stripper. Before you start stripping isolate the electricity supply to the sockets and light switch as water and electricity are not a good mix. By scoring the paper it allows the water to penetrate better and speeds up the process. The best tool for this is a paper tiger, a really good tool you push over the surface that cuts into the paper with its cutting blades as you move it.

To soak the paper use warm water with a dash of washing up detergent and wash over the surface with a sponge allowing to soak into the paper well. I normally soak a entire wall then go back to where I started and soak about three pieces and then strip them, then move on to the next three pieces, and soak them again and strip and so on.

Always score soak well and then steam. If you have not got a steamer then just keep soaking. If you do you use a steamer open the window to let the steam escape. There are products on the market that have enzymes in them that help deactivate the paste that may be worth trying, but as of now I have not found any I think help more than the system I have described and used for years.

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