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Soundproof curtains are all types of curtains that help block out noise but one unfortunate truth is that they can’t block out everything. As people keep moving closer to work in big cities the need to help eliminate noise keeps growing. Noise comes in all forms from cars on a very busy street, loud neighbors, or people just walking by increasing the need for methods to block out or reduce noise. You could even call these curtains noise reducing or sound reducing curtains and there are also various terms of describing the use of soundproof curtains like sound isolation and sound damping.

Acoustic blankets can help out greatly though in areas where it’s hard to hear yourself think over the car noise. Unfortunately no set of curtains will make a room completely soundproof even if you help out the curtains with acoustic blankets. If you are looking for a complete soundproof room there are alternatives like double pane windows, special insulation in the walls, or even different types of drywall. However if you’re looking just to help lower noise and get a better sleep while keeping the costs low then curtains are the way to go.

There are fairly thin living room curtains that help reduce the noise a little but on the opposite end are theater and acoustic curtains that block out a lot more however these are usually a lot more costly. Several curtains will come with various layers like foam or vinyl that can help silence that annoying noise. The curtains with multiple layers even if thin are the ones that have the best results. Recently double curtain setups which reduce noise even more are becoming a popular trend to reduce the noise even further.

While shopping for Noise Reducing Curtain Guys there is usually the words blackout and reduce heating costs but a lot of curtains rarely talk about how much noise they actually reduce. The good news is you can usually look for certain wording in the actual specs to gauge if they help at all.

First things are looking at how tight of weave it is and if it’s really stated to be blackout. This helps not only to close up the gaps so no light comes in but helps reduce sound as there’s less of a chance for it to get in. However watch for reviews that state they saw light coming in as then it probably isn’t coated and you won’t get as much noise reduction as you want. The next things to look for are how thick or heavy the fabric is as the thicker it is the better those soundproof curtains will be. While it maybe obvious avoid anything related to silk in your curtains as these do not block out any sound despite what companies may say. The final thing to do is just test curtains yourself.

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