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So, you’re sick of looking at that worn out, stained, cracked tub, right But there’s no way you can afford to replace it, especially before filing for your tax return, right Most people in the market for bathroom renovation think only of replacing their old tub, which just happens to be the most expensive solution.

For the thrifty home improver, a more modern approach to bathtub renovation allows for all the perks of a new bathtub without the mess, expense, and time allotted to completely replacing the existing tub. A tub liner is a custom-manufactured mold of your existing tub, so you can expect a perfect fit. On top of that, the main reason replacing a bathtub is the most expensive option is that demolition and other prep work has to be done before the new bathtub can be installed.

The focal point Tub Liner Guys of every full bathroom should be the bathtub. After all, in the real estate market, it’s what designates that full status. So go ahead and take a look at your bathtub right now. Does it make you feel ready to jump in for a personal cleaning, or does it need a cleaning of its own first Before you spend another backbreaking hour scrubbing away at the army of microscopic bacteria from the walls and tub, consider a tub liner.

Removing a bathtub is a difficult and messy job. The process can damage flooring, walls and plumbing, and put your bathroom out of service for days. A tub liner, on the other hand, is a custom molded replica of your current tub, installed by a professional to ensure a leak proof fit. Tub liners are made of heavy gauge acrylic, the same material as new bath and shower stalls, ensuring they will not crack, chip, or fade over time. Since there is no moisture trapped between your current tub and the liner, there is no danger of mold growing between the two. And because of the quick and professional installation, your new shower is ready for use the day after installation!

Besides being a quick and cost effective alternative to a complete bathtub remodel, there are several health benefits to choosing a tub liner. As opposed to a tiled shower, a tub liner is seamless, meaning there are virtually no cracks for moisture, and subsequently mold, grime, and mildew, to hide. Walls, tubs, windows, even soap dishes are considered during the installation process.

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