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Storage is a major concern for many companies for two main reasons; buying storage units is expensive and the logistics of installing it can be a nightmare. However, it is a necessary expense for most companies so getting the best deal is a primary concern. The logistics of installing a storage system are extensive, and range from choosing the correct type of racking for your products to fitting in the correct amount of racking storage into your warehouse or shop.

Drive in pallet racking is suitable for seasonal goods such as Christmas decorations which are stored in an unspecified order and then the storage is emptied relatively quickly e.g. during the run up to Christmas. This type of pallet racking may not be suitable for all purposes however due to the fact that it functions on a last in, first out sequence, therefore not all pallet re accessible at the same time. However, if in your industry the sequence that the pallets are removed is inconsequential, then drive-in racking is an excellent space saving storage solution.

If you require a Storage Solution Guys saving solution with access to all pallets however Narrow Aisle pallet Racking will be more appropriate for your cause. Space is save by placing the racks close together, therefore eliminating some of the dead space in the warehouse. The only drawback to this system is that you will need specialist equipment to be able to navigate the narrow aisles and pick the appropriate pallets which can be more expensive to invest in.

The most commonly used type of pallet racking is Aisle Adjustable. Aisle Adjustable Pallet Racking can be built to fit the storage unit it will be housed in and the adjustable aisles means that it can be used with standard operating machinery, keeping costs minimal.

If you require storage for long items such as metal rods of plastic piping, then cantilever racking will be the most appropriate. Cantilever racking is supported by arms on which your good are placed, holding them securely in place. The arms themselves can be made from different materials and therefore can have different load bearing properties, making the cantilever racking system that you choose fully customisable to your needs.

There are many different racking suppliers claiming to offer the best racking storage solution for the most competitive price, making it difficult to choose one to work with. It is a good idea to choose a racking supplier who also manufactures the racking as this will ensure that your company will have a bespoke racking solution, built to fit the interior of your storage centre.

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