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If you have a garage and you have noticed that it is considerably colder than it usually is, this might be caused by the space beneath the door. The heat from your house can easily escape using this tiny space, but it can also be fixed very easily as well by terminating the space. This can be done by using a weather seal and will allow you to reduce your heating bills and have a more comfortable garage.

The process is very easy even for a person that is not as handy as they would like to be All you will need is a garage door weatherstrip kit which will usually come with the nails, but if not you can use roofing nails for the same conclusion. Besides the garage door weatherstripping you will also need a tape measure, pencil, and a hammer.

Third, you should remove any previous stripping that the door has along the edges. This can be done by using the end of a hammer to take out nails or by using a screwdriver to take out the screws. Next, you need to measure to the center of the garage door by measuring the width of the door and dividing that number in half.

Make sure you mark the center with your Door Bottom Seal Guys so you do not forget Then, lie out all the nails so that they are evenly spaced. There really is no need to measure this part, just make sure they are all spaced out equally. Next, lay out the garage door weather stripping along the garage, remember to make sure that you do not cut anything just yet!

Start on the right side of the door and work your way over to that it meets the left side of the door. Then, you can get your scissors out and trim off the extra length. Last, you would place the nails or screws into the garage door. This should allow you to have installed the garage door weather seal so that no more cold air gets into your garage.

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