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While your garage door bottom seal may not be something you think about every day, should something go wrong with it, you are probably not going to forget it for a long time to come. Take a moment to think about your garage and its contents, alright Now let’s imagine what would happen if there was a heavy downpour or blocked drain in the hard standing outside the garage. Yes you’ve got it, flooding.

If your garage has a downward incline from the garage door to the back wall, you will maybe be able to work out how many cubic liters of water you will need to bail out to get rid of your impromptu lake. Imagine your stored possessions floating around and totally ruined. One other thing, it is a well known fact that disasters of this type normally happen when everyone is out or sound asleep.

The first thing that is recommended in all cases, even if the Garage Door Bottom Seal Guys is on the same even level as the driveway is to raise your stored items off the floor. This will also help to avoid humidity and damp building up. Even in dry conditions and damaging your possessions, you know it makes sense. You can use wooden pallets for this and they are normally easily available. Having done this, check out the garage doors, most metal doors from the principal manufacturers will come with a tough vinyl strip that is slotted into the groove at the bottom of the garage door and blocks all water leakage.

Check the condition of this vinyl strip for wear and tear and also make sure that when closed, the strip provides a complete horizontal block across bottom of the garage door. Regardless of whether you have up and over design or the doors open from the sides and close in center you can do a simple effective check. You should spray water from your hosepipe at the door at low pressure.

Should there be any excessive leakage, consider buying replacement seals from your retailer or on the internet, these are normally easily fitted using tongue and groove method as well as are not expensive. This requires a little bit of DIY know how or access to a handyman. The best solution is to buy a tough hardwood block that you cut to measure to fit neatly into the garage entrance. With the doors closed, position the block just inside the closed door.

Having drilled holes in the block for the anchoring screws, mark the position on the floor where to drill the anchor points. Drill the holes in the floor, hammer in the appropriate rawlplugs to make sure the block will hold firm and screw in securely. Next, you should sand down the top edges of the block to make them nicely rounded and then apply generous coating of waterproof resin to both sides of the block inside and out and your job is complete.

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