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Can you believe that your home is full of holes We don’t really like to admit that air can travel in and out with no restrictions. Wouldn’t it be nice if our windows and doors maintained a perfect seal, keeping what is outside, outside and what is inside, inside. Unfortunately, there is a lot of movement of air between these gaps. Window sealing could really help this problem.

Your pocketbook really begins to hurt when you allow air to flow freely into and out of your home. It seems that there is no such thing as an ideal climate, except for those in the San Diego area, and that we are constantly adjusting the internal temperature of our house. It doesn’t matter if you use a heating furnace or an air conditioning unit, things can really add up. Cut down those bills through window sealing.

Several products exist with the specific goal of helping you to seal your home. Even if you have a brand new house, you will find a number of gaps above, beneath and around your windows and doors. If you have an older home the problem is even more acute, as the entire building may have settled over time, causing a bad fit.

Just look at your monthly utility bill closely and see how the inefficient use of heating and air conditioning units is hurting you. You must go out of your way to stop seepage and drafts, to save money on AC in the summer and heating in the winter.

You will learn the benefits of Window Seal Guys if you take action now and compare next month’s energy bill to the same month the previous year. Take time out to look for leaks around all your windows, even though this may take considerable time. Run your hand around the perimeter or remove the exterior panel. You may be able to see that there’s little insulation or feel the drafts, either way do something about it.

One way to tell if you have leaks around your window is to take a lighted match and hold it close. If you have a problem, you will see the flame of the match pulling in the direction of the leak. Window sealing will help and it does not have to be an expensive proposition, either.

A door or window draft protector represents a great solution to a leaking problem. These items are very cost effective, flexible and have been designed specifically for the purpose. Door snakes, as they are also known, can be easily adjusted to fit and can adequately be used for window sealing.

If you have a draft problem, consider the use of a highly flexible draft protector. These are so competitively priced that you can use one for each of the problem areas in your home. The products take zero maintenance and are made of a strong polypropylene. The insulator itself uses ground corn cob, which is very effective.

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