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This would be any doorway that has a threshold that you have to step over or a threshold that is higher than the surface you are walking on. These safety problems are obvious, the high door thresholds are a trip hazard and for elderly people, can be difficult to step over. Handicapped people in wheelchairs or motorized scooters won’t be able to access these areas, unless there is an alternative doorway that provides access for their wheelchairs.

Usually the high door thresholds are located in a garage where someone has either made a mistake during new construction or simply figured that it would be easier to install the door a little higher, and to remove the concrete foundation footing, to install the door properly.

I would like to recommend something Door Threshold Guys for anyone who is thinking about installing a door that will have a high door threshold. Don’t do it, unless you have another reason that is protecting the area from water, snow or something else that would create a bigger problem if you lower the door threshold.

Here’s what happens to most people. You walk through your home regularly, travel about and even go to work without running into these high door thresholds. You come home and subconsciously you’re not even thinking about the raised curb and you trip. One trip to the ground could cost you more in medical bills than it would have been to remove and lower the raised door threshold.

You’re probably thinking, that’s never going to happen to me, but what if it does. What if it doesn’t happen to you but it happens to someone else in your family There is a reason why contractors, building departments and other professionals do things in a specific manner. If you can’t understand or don’t even want to bother to understand the reason why, try to at least follow their examples. You could save yourself a lot of difficulties in the future, by simply using a little common sense for safety.

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