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When you have an air leak, coming in under your door, then you know it is time to replace the old door sweep, with a new one. Not only do you have heat escaping your home, you are also paying more to heat your home.

First, measure the width of the door and write it down to take with you, when you shop at the hardware store and also, make note of the type of sweep that you already have on your door, so that you are shopping for the same type of sweep.

Next, purchase the appropriate Door Sweep Guys at your hardware store, and make sure it comes with the proper screws. I have always found it handy to purchase a pack of self tapping screws that can easily penetrate a steel door, as not all pre-packaged door sweeps come with them. If in doubt, ask for assistance.

Then remove the old sweep from the door, and double check the measurements of the old one with the new one, to ensure you bought the correct size and it will fit. Most door sweeps come with predrilled holes, so you just need to line up the sweep with the holes. However, from time to time, these holes are in the wrong place, and those extra self tapping screws you bought will come in handy.

Line the sweep up to ensure that it will fit the door when the door is closed, then start screwing it into place. If there are no pre-drilled holes or they are not lining up, then use the extra self tapping screws you bought and they will easily penetrate the steel door.

Once the sweep is secured properly, then close the door to ensure it is a good fit and that there is no draft coming in underneath the door. If it is not a good fit, then make the adjustments to ensure it is a good fit.

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