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Do you love this country, are you ready for the impending destruction of the United States, would you like to see things change, if so maybe it’s time to get involved, become a force, be heard, it’s a call to action, it’s time to pry yourself out of the lazy boy, it’s time to turn off the tube, and just do it.

We have people in this country that want nothing more the to see it end as we know it, the North American Union is nothing short of a new world order, it’s nothing short of losing all of your rights, it’s nothing short of a destruction of the USA from the inside out.

So it’s time to get things done, we have a collapse of the economy, Built In Wall Unit Guys runners to choose from for president, neither of which are the best thing in the world, but you must choose between the lesser of two evils, it’s hard to sift through all the crap and get the real information.

We do not need the North American Union, we need to be one nation under God indivisible, we need to stand for liberty and freedom, you know the things that this country was built on, we need to stand for the little guy, and foster small business, we need to build America, and Americans.

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