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The hardest part of being a building contractor is figuring out how to grow your business. Doing the work is only part of the job. You may find yourself spending just as much time finding new projects and deciding when to invest in new tools and equipment.

The cost savings from owning your own machine are reason enough to buy. But in addition, having your own gutter machine allows you take on bigger jobs, gives you more control over your work schedule and opens opportunities to be a subcontractor to other companies. Seamless gutters are the norm in the industry today and highly in demand. But getting them to the job site can pose some tricky logistical problems. Basically, the size of your truck ends up determining how long of a gutter you can install.

Of course, you could skip the seamless option and transport your gutters in sections. But that requires more work putting the gutters together on the jobsite, which creates a lot more opportunities for leaks in your finished gutters. More leaks means costly service calls to fix a problem that could have been avoided in the first place.

With your own Seamless Gutter Crew machine, transport isn’t an issue. Just bring your machine to the jobsite and get started. That means you can take on bigger jobs with less headaches. Instead of buying your own machine, you might choose to hire a contractor who has their own gutter machine and let them roll form your gutters at the jobsite. That’s a great option that reduces waste and shipping costs.

The only downside to this option is that it depends on the availability of the delivery service. During peak season a company with a gutter machine can be in demand, and you may have to wait in line behind their other jobs. If there is a scheduling delay or they are unavailable for any reason, it will hold up completion of your entire project, which means you don’t get paid on time.

Instead of hiring a delivery service that has their own gutter machine, you can be that seamless drop off service yourself, selling materials to other gutter installers. That means you can make money without having to hang gutters. Just drive to the jobsite and turn on your gutter machine. It also gives you a chance to win more gutter jobs. If a roofing company wants to subcontract their gutter work, a contractor with their own gutter machine has a big advantage because of their greater flexibility.

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