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Perhaps you have seen shiny copper rain gutters newly installed on a home and thought to yourself how nice they would look on your own home. To start with, copper rain gutters tarnish to green not long after they have been installed, so you can erase the picture you have in your head of bright shiny golden copper rain gutters on your home.

However; they are the latest trend in Rain Gutter Crew and on the right home or building they do look fantastic. Still one more benefit of copper rain gutters is that they last pretty much the life of the building as long as they are properly installed and maintained.

This means that you will want to have them installed by an expert that will make sure that they are sloped correctly, so that water and debris doesn’t pool in them. If you havent yet priced them yet then prepare yourself for sticker shock, because copper is pricey, so they are quite a bit more expensive by the foot and also their design can effect their price as well.

They are also substantially more expensive to have installed, due to the fact that they have to be soldered at all joints while standard rain gutters can be glued. Also the labor costs are higher, due to the fact that they require a more skilled crew to install and they are a more expensive product to handle, meaning a higher risk for losses on the job from damage for the contractor.

One option is to have copper rain gutters installed along the front of your building and have standard rain gutters installed in the back where they don’t show as much which can save you some money. Also, if you are going to go with copper rain gutters you will want to have a longer lasting roof installed such as tile so there is less risk of damage to them from the roof having to be redone or repaired in the future.

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