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Anytime I heard the word hologram, I always think of Star Trek and its Holodeck. The crew would retreat there for their after hours entertainment. One day they might be in modern Paris and the next they might decide that battling aliens on some distant world. That’s why when I first heard about holographic fireplaces, I couldn’t but laugh and wonder if they were serious. Little did I know, they were.

In addition, many come with decorative mantels to augment their cast iron bodies, holographic fireplaces can be added to any room in the house and blend in perfectly with the room’s design. Newer models have brought the hologram further to life by coming with built in DVD players that can play the sounds of a crackling fire.

Many holographic fireplaces are portable, severing more as furniture than fixtures installed into a home. Many can be assembled quickly, the most complicated part being the mantel that surrounds it. Finally these fireplaces only require a electrical socket and consume as much energy as a couple of light bulbs.

Holographic fireplaces are perfect for those people who want to enjoy a Modern Fireplace Crew but do not want to deal with the hassle of owning an actual fireplace. They require no venting, no soot clean up, and especially not chimney cleaning, but still provide the look and feel of a real fireplace.

A new series on hearth design, on YouTube shows how to recreate dramatic fire features in your own home. Commercial properties like hotels, bars, and restaurants pay thousands of dollars for these custom designed fireplaces, but now fireplace manufacturers are making similar ready to install fireplaces available at reasonable prices. In one stop on the fireplace tour of San Francisco, camera crews head down to well known watering hole and pickup joint The MatrixFillmore.

Besides having mayor Gavin Newsome as an owner, the MatrixFillmore is known for its beautiful see through gas fireplace and modern design. The fireplace welcomes customers as they enter the front door, and creates a variety of seating options. This look can be recreated in your home by using a see through fireplace to link and heat two adjacent rooms.

Since this is a very limited production design you probably won’t find it at your local fireplace showroom, but it is available online. Lately the traditional supply chain in the heath industry has been upended by companies selling direct to the consumer without going through the typical showroom supply chain. This is bad for small showrooms, but great for consumers, as you can now afford the fireplace of your dreams, and have it delivered straight to your door.

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