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To give your room a unique look you can change the color of your brick fireplace by picking up a paint brush and roller. Fireplace walls are generally considered the accent wall of a room, as they are different than the other three walls. When you are working with an accent wall you can pick colors that are much darker than the other colored walls in the room. Generally the color you paint your fireplace should correspond with other pieces in your room. You can use a painting, throw rug or fabric sample from the room to pick a color for your fireplace.

As stated above, latex paints will work fine for a fireplace. Do not use a general wall paint. Wall paints are generally flat or eggshell in finish and do not provide enough protection for a highly used area. Go to a paint store and tell the clerk what you are painting. Ask them about a latex enamel paint. The enamel finish will help to provide a much tougher finish which can be cleaned, scrubbed and will last far longer than wall paint will.

Homeowners today have a wide choice in terms of fireplace designs. Whether they’re looking for a traditional or modern theme, they have varied resources to turn to in order to achieve that perfect fireplace for their home. While some homeowners think that planning a brick fireplace design means they’re limited to using the traditional red brick, they may be surprised that they have more options these days. It only takes a little creativity and the next thing you know, you have created an out of the ordinary brick fireplace.

Brick fireplace designs today can involve the use of Painted Brick Fireplace Guys specially meant for this construction material. By utilizing paint, a beautiful fireplace that suits your personal style and the interior theme of your home can be easily achieved. This is possible whether you’re creating a new fireplace or just remodeling the existing one in your home. If you’re changing the color theme of your living room, for instance, there’s no need for you to modify your existing fireplace. With the use of paint and the right finish for a lasting color, you can transform it into a new and attractive fireplace that will stay for a long time.

When designing a brick fireplace, it is important to consider if you want to have just a mantel that covers just the opening or have one that extends up to the ceiling. This is crucial notably if you’re making the fireplace as the focal point of your living room. Whichever of the two you choose, they both can be used for any area in your interior space.

Another design idea is to mix bricks with other materials. In creating a mantel, you can actually use wood or metal for the main opening framework while still having the bricks as the surrounding material. Or you can do the reverse according to preference.

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