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Fireplaces are focal points in homes. Hearths are composed of fire resistant materials placed around a fire with a variation of shapes, edge and elevation. You can have a choice of simple and plain type or a rounded, bullnose or chamfered type. With regards its elevation, you can choose the standard, flushed or the raised style. You can construct an elevated hearth to your required height, corner shape or edge profile. Go deeper and familiarize yourself with the basic fundamentals and technical aspects of hearths.

Before you install one, focus on what type of hearth you want. Fireplace hearths are the prominent bases or flooring on which the amenity is built. Many homeowners go for the traditional look. They prefer the stone fireplace hearth. It can project a rusty look with a mix of little and large stones. Or they use big round or flat shaped stones which are well cleaned and smoothened. Artistic people have created unique and elemental designs with stone designed hearths. These kinds are durable and long lasting.

Other variations are the granite Hearth Guys which come in different types such as straight, tongued and curved. Their finish can go by a polished single piece black granite or a polished slabbed black granite. They are available in a wide range of colors. Granite hearths are fueled by gas or profane. On the other hand, single piece slate hearths can be fueled by electricity or gas. Slabbed slate hearths can also be fueled by solid fuels. Slabbing is the reinforcing of the hearth’s underneath with concrete to provide a strong base. This will give out an even heat radiation.

Many others prefer hearths made of concrete which is another durable and fireproof material. People are satisfied with the end result look for concrete fireplace hearths. They have many ways of transforming them from having a flat and cold look. The concrete is designed and painted in various vibrant colors or shades to project a stunning and bold look. Others cover the concrete with variety of unique and decorative pad, tile or stone. This is another option for you to consider in choosing the kind of hearth you would like to have.

Another type of hearth that is popular with many homeowners, interior designers and fireplace builders is the high quality glazed ceramic fireplace hearth. You can opt for a flat back or tongued back type. It is ignited by all types of fuels. Like the other fire resistant materials, people have created many designs and variations to make them stand out and transformed into centerpieces. Again, if you are the innovative and creative type, you can develop and enhance the loveliness of your room with the elegant and sophisticated look a customized ceramic hearth can project. A simple choice of the right color, pattern, paint or finish can produce your desired effect.

You can view many designs, types and styles of fireplace hearths in the worldwide web to get some ideas and guide on the best kind you can order. In building hearths for your fireplace, it is important to coordinate with your local and regional authorities to make sure that you comply with their fireplace codes. Another safety precaution is you must have on hand fire suppression systems in accordance to what is required in your area. Your options are endless with the wide range of brands of prefabricated hearths. You can have yours custom made. Some are very affordable while others are costly. It is an investment which can pay for itself in many ways.

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